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Cartoons from Sheffield Dozen Rides Again exhibition by James Whitworth
Cartoons from Sheffield Dozen Rides Again exhibition by James Whitworth
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HE is known as the man who brings the haha to The Star.

James Whitworth is the cartoonist who keeps readers laughing all week long with his sideways sketches inspired by Sheffield news.

But now these tabloid tit-bits have proven so popular he has been asked to specially create 12 similar works to exhibit at a high-brow art gallery.

The drawn dozen, to be displayed at Bank Street Arts, will feature some of South Yorkshire’s favourite institutions, sites and sons.

Graves Park, Barker’s Pool, the band Heaven 17, Record Collector shop in Broomhill, Tramlines festival and even this very newspaper all come under his satirical sights.

A selection are revealed here exclusively.

“Sheffield is like an onion,” says James, son of The Star’s most famous cartoonist, the late Ralph who worked for Sheffield Newspapers from 1957 to 1998.

He doesn’t mean, it should be stressed, that the city makes him want to cry.

“There’s so many layers to the place that you have to keep peeling away at it,” explains the 42-year-old who also draws for Private Eye and The Jewish Chronicle.

“The thing with being a news cartoonist is most of your work tends to be having a dig at institutions or people so when you get a project like this to celebrate somewhere it makes a lovely change.

“You can be less grumpy and cynical.”

It is his second such exhibition. The first - which also featured on this page - was held at Bank Street Arts least year just before James, of Hallam Grange Close, Fulwood, started sketching for The Star.

But when bosses at the venue realised how popular his tri-weekly Star sketches had become they offered him the follow-up slot.

“I’m looking forward it,” he says. “I’ve enjoyed doing them. Hopefully people will enjoy seeing them.”

The exhibition, Sheffield Dozen Rides Again, runs October 2-27.

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