THE DIARY: Introducing a saucy superhero...

Hendo's Man by Luke Prest
Hendo's Man by Luke Prest
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AND here’s another illustrator inspired by Sheffield.

Luke Prest has created a series of cartoons based around a superhero called...Hendo’s Man.

The light-hearted drawings show a caped crusader coming to the rescue of hungry diners who realise, just as they’re about to tuck in to a pie, they have none of the famous relish left.

In one, our man is seen stripping out of a suit to reveal his orange costume beneath.

In another he flies above the Leavygreave Road skyline.

The work is now being exhibited at the Dronfield Arms, in Chesterfield Road, Dronfield.

“There’s nothing worse than opening a cupboard and not having any Henderson’s left, is there?” says Luke, 26, an architectural visualiser of Valley Road, Barlow. “That’s what inspired the series.

“I’m thinking about doing other Sheffield superheroes now. I’d like to do one related to Wards Brewery.”

The exhibition starts today and runs through October.