THE DIARY: Buy a good cook book – but not mine

Danny Bryden
Danny Bryden
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AND from two Sheffield heroes to the city’s latest celebrity...

This is the South Yorkshire lass who became known for her buns this autumn.

Danny Bryden did the city proud on BBC2’s cult cookery show The Great British Bake Off. She made it to the last four of the contest to find the nation’s best dessert-maker – and particularly impressed judges during the bun round.

Now after falling in last week’s semi-final, the kitchen queen told The Diary... she’s glad to be gone.

“Don’t get me wrong,” says the 45-year-old of Ranmoor, “I loved it but it was hard work. I had to go to Somerset every weekend, and all my spare time was spent trying to come up with original recipes.”

It’s not like she’s not busy enough already, either. By day, this mixing maestro is an intensive care doctor.

“I was at a medical meeting in London,” she recalls. “And afterwards one of the people there brought out a cake and said I couldn’t go until I’d told them what had gone wrong while making it. That was amusing.”

She’s getting used to being spotted but she’ll be happy when the publicity has died down.

“My sister entered me,” she says. “Apparently 30,000 people applied. I never thought I’d be chosen.”

Now, to those who stop her, she has one piece of baking advice: Buy a good cook book.

“Although,” she notes, “I’m not planning on bringing my own out.”