TechTalk: App of the week: Run, Zombies! turns your jog into a zombie survival

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Having trouble finding the motivation to burn off all that Christmas pudding? Why not turn your next jog into a zombie apocalypse survival game?

Zombies, Run! does exactly that. Using pedometer step tracking and GPS, the fitness app makes a game of your workout by playing a storyline over your headphones as you run.

The app creates a story episode as you run, with voice acting and writing which is excellent, and you can even choose songs from your own collection to throw into the mix.

While running, you’ll be able to pick up items and earn points which can be used to upgrade your base and survive the horde a little longer. It’s an ingenious solution for those looking for a fun reason to pull on the running shoes.

Zombies, Run! is out now priced £2.99 for Android and Apple stores.