Teacher vows to fight to clear name

A FORMER Sheffield teacher is planning to fight on after the latest bid to clear his name and get his job back ended in frustration.

Robert King, aged 45, went to the Employment Appeal Tribunal in London for a ruling on whether Handsworth Grange School was justified in sacking him in 2006.

Mr King had been accused of sexually assaulting four pupils but was acquitted of all six charges at Sheffield Crown Court in 2005.

But he remained suspended from his job and was eventually dismissed by the school's governors, with his job taken by someone else.

At the hearing the tribunal said it could not allow an appeal to stand because of the amount of time which had passed.

But Mr King said the ruling did not prevent him from taking his case onwards to the Court of Appeal.

"The tribunal didn't explicitly say that was where the case should be heard but that was the implication," he said.

"And that is what I shall now do, even though it will be equally expensive in terms of money, time and the impact on my health. Financially I am already in a mess but I have no alternative.

"A serious injustice has been done to me and I have already been advised that the case may in the end go all the way to the European Court."

Since his dismissal Mr King has been diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety, and says the stress of the whole affair has left him unable to return to teaching.


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