TAKEAWAY TEST: It’ll be Orient on the night...

Hong Kong Garden, Takeweay Test
Hong Kong Garden, Takeweay Test
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BEWARE the late night takeaway recommendations of drunken blokes.

It is a lesson for all of us and one this curry-loving, kebab-conquering, Chinese-chomping chap once learned the hard way via hours of early morning indigestion.

But for once the man with the pint of iced cider was on the money when he mentioned the Hong Kong Garden, at the upper reaches of Ecclesall Road, close to the Banner Cross Hotel.

“It’s as good as owt you’ll get in Honkers,” he said on over-hearing the missus and I discussing food options after watching footy in his pub.

And do you know what, he was right.

But, actually, we knew this already having once ordered from this busy but spotless place before, last time watching the hive of kitchen activity through a little window behind the counter.

Szechuan Beef is often a test of takeaway standards and HKG succeeds and exceeds with lean slices, plenty of them, amid a sauce as zesty in taste as colour.

King Prawns with Ginger and Spring Onions had less impact on the eyes but the effect on the mouth was one of freshness and contrasting textures between generous ingredients.

As for the Salt & Pepper Spicy Squid, well, you had to be there; a real show-stopper.

To top it off came a moist, al dente Egg Fried Rice, four moist rather than greasy Cantonese spring rolls of pork and mixed vegetables, plus tangy dip, and prawn crackers (free with orders over £12) to snack on during the stroll home.

On this evidence, it seems this Garden is still very much blooming.

n Venue: Hong Kong Garden, 991 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield S11 8TN. n Tel: 0114 2676290 n Opening times: All week, except Tuesday. 5pm-11.30pm. n Parking: On main road. n Atmosphere: Polite and efficient. n Service: Rapid. n Delivery: Within one mile there’s a £1 charge (50p per mile thereafter). n Range of menu: Extensive with some less obvious options. n What we had: Szechuan Beef £4.70; King Prawn with Ginger and Spring Onions £4.70; Salt & Pepper Spicy Squid £3.70; Cantonese spring rolls £2.20; Egg Fried Rice £2.40; free prawn crackers. n Waiting time: 15 minutes. n How did it taste? Busy and committed. n Verdict: Tasty, bordering on amazing.