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Ring by Nicola Holmshaw
Ring by Nicola Holmshaw
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GREAT to see Sheffield’s Christmas light switch-on this weekend was a dazzling success, as reported in The Star yesterday.

And what a scoop getting Mel C was.

Ring by Nicola Holmshaw

Ring by Nicola Holmshaw

As a friend noted: “She was definitely in my top five favourite Spice Girls.”

Tell you what, though, doesn’t this make you feel old...

When nine-year-old Oliver Casey won The Star’s competition to help the famously high-kicking Scouse hit the button, his first question was to wonder who the Spice Girls were.

CELEBRITIES of a slightly higher calibre were appearing at the America Music Awards in Hollywood the same night.

And, while there, the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Clarkson would no doubt have been delighted to receive goody bags featuring jewellery from a Sheffield designer.

Nicola Holmshaw, founder of Owlthorpe-based Pixie Design, contributed 50 unique hand-made rings to 50 swag packs handed out to stars at the event.

She was offered the commission after international gift company The IndiExhibit was wowed by her collections.

Now she’s got her fingers crossed a Hollywood A-lister will be seen wearing her steam punk piece.

“I’d love it if Adele wore something I’d made,” muses the 42-year-old.

NICE to hear, at long last, I might finally be taking my rightful place as something of a fashion icon. Or perhaps not.

After Thursday’s Diary masthead showed yours truly posing in a distinctive Neurocare scarf, reader Suzanne Rutter emails to say the charity’s Moor-based scarf-sellers were using the refrain: “Colin Drury is wearing his, come and get yours.”

Safe to say, she also notes, it didn’t exactly result in a stampede. Ouch.