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BILLY Bragg, eh?

The millionaire socialist is set to swap his £1.5 million seaside mansion for a tent outside Sheffield Cathedral today when he plays a free gig in support of Occupy Sheffield.

“Christ, as if camping in the cold under constant police surveillance wasn’t hardship enough without this too,” one protester didn’t really say.

Only joking – there’s no bigger fan of Bragg’s slightly contradictory-but-nonetheless-loveable lefty-agit pop than yours truly.

Can’t wait to see him at The Leadmill tonight.

CONGRATULATIONS to former Diary star Nigel McEnaney.

This is the lad who has made it his mission to meet all 19 of the still-living astronauts who have travelled to the moon.

The 23-year-old, of St Mary’s Road, city centre, has just got back from a Florida space convention where he managed to add another four names to the space poster he asks the voyagers to sign.

He bagged time with Alan Bean, Dave Scott, Jim Lovell and – surely, the equivalent of a football sticker shiny – the last man to walk on the moon, Gene Cernan. He’s now 10 down with nine to go.

IT’S a hard life but someone has to do it.

Doncaster’s Louis Tomlinson – one fifth of X Factor boy band One Direction – is apparently finding there’s a downside to fame.

He’s currently sharing a London pad with fellow band mate Harry Styles. “The worst thing about it,” he told a national rag, “is the constant stream of women Harry is getting through our door. It’s relentless.”

Sounds like a nightmare.

TWO and half weeks on, isn’t it time someone finally put the Co-Op’s Castle House clock back an hour?

Still, it’s not the first time it’s given an inaccurate reading this year.

At the start of October the accompanying thermometer was recording temperatures in the late 20s. Oh...