Striking biblical mural in Sheffield

Katie Edwards and Kid Acne with mural
Katie Edwards and Kid Acne with mural
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Something unusual has appeared on the side of a building in Sheffield.

It’s a giant biblical mural...but not like one you might have seen before.

The artwork, which has been painted on to the side of a house on South View Road, Sharrow Vale, is the combined efforts of an unlikely duo.

Dr Katie Edwards, a lecturer in theBible in contemporary culture and society at the University of Sheffield, joined forces with Sheffield street artist and rapper Kid Acne to counter Church of England’s claims that society is in crisis when it comes to Bible literacy.

Dr Edwards said: “The Church seems to believe we are experiencing some sort of pandemic phenomenon, where all knowledge of the Bible is likely to be wiped out within a few decades. But my research shows that this is not the case.

“Today you’re more likely to find a reference to the Bible in a hip hop video than you are in an everyday conversation – but that doesn’t mean it’s not valid.

“Kid Acne’s work is a symbol of this modern world, which the church should be embracing, not hiding from.”

Acne’s work, titled The Birth of Hip Hop, replaces baby Jesus in the manger with a microphone, attributing symbolic importance to the birth of a new genre of music.