Street dancers show their talent

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A STREET dance act from Sheffield could have their moves broadcast to millions this weekend after auditioning for popular show Britain’s Got Talent.

The Remix Monkeys only formed last year but took to the stage before top judges, including pop mogul Simon Cowell, and a packed audience.

Dancer Kirsty Allen, 22, who lives at The Wicker, said: “It was really exciting. We got to meet lots of people but it was quite nerve-wracking as it was the first time we’ve done anything like this.

“The judges compared us to Diversity but that’s not what we were going for.

“They said we were original but we needed to work on that.”

All eight members of the ‘clan’, who wear colourful body suits, could see their performance being broadcast to millions when the show begins on ITV1 on Saturday night.

It was put together with an eleventh hour panic as new members had to be recruited at the last minute.

Kirsty added: “I do want it to be shown on television but at the same time I don’t!

“I feel very proud of everyone, we put as much work as we could in.”