Steely strength is star of Robson Green’s new show

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The role our Women of Steel played in shaping the country will be highlighted by Robson Green in his latest television show.

The TV star interviewed Kathleen Roberts, who started the Women of Steel campaign, for the programme.

The two-part series, which starts tonight at 9pm on ITV1 and concludes next Tuesday, is called How The North Was Built. It celebrates the rugged landscape and how the sheer hard work of the people in the north contributed to the industrial revolution which changed the face of the world.

Kathleen met Robson and his film crew at Sheffield City Hall in February. Afterwards Robson tweeted: “92 year old Kathleen Roberts one of Sheffield’s Women Of Steel. An inspiration to us all X”

He added: “Recently I moved back to the north, after spending many years down south and other places. There is something very special about this location, I love the landscape, the cities and, of course, the people.

“I want to see how people in this rugged land dug the coal, laid the railways, built the ships that powered an empire, and made this the greatest industrial nation on earth. The industries might have gone but the people, their values and sense of belonging, they’re still here, as strong as ever.”

Kathleen said the pair spent a couple of hours together talking about old times.

“Even after we had finished the interview he came and sat with me and my daughter and chatted for a while,” she said. “He is very friendly and told us about his own mother and his family.”

The interview, featuring in the second programme, was the first time Kathleen had stepped inside City Hall for many decades.

She added: “I told him I hadn’t been in for donkeys’ years but I had tripped the light fantastic in there lots of times! I told him what Sheffield used to be like and how it has changed. We touched on quite a few subjects – how we used to lend clothes to other people because we didn’t have coupons to buy anything. After, his crew said it had been absolutely great, so I’m looking forward to seeing the programme.”

The Women of Steel Statue Appeal is fundraising for a memorial –