Stars touch down at Robin Hood to shoot scenes for new movie

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HEARTTHROB actress Gemma Atkinson touched down at Robin Hood Airport as the cameras rolled for the latest Donnywood movie.

But the Hollyoaks actress reckons she may have grey circles under her eyes as the filming there has seen her and the rest of the cast and crew working through the night.

Gemma is working on a film called Airborne, which producers hope will hit cinema screens at the end of the year.

The big-name star of the film is Julian Glover, whose acting CV includes Star Wars, James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Doctor Who - but he has not been involved in the Doncaster scenes.

But other names at the airport for filming have included Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch actor, Alan Ford, and Dead Man’s Shoes and This is England star, Andrew Shim. There are hopes of getting a big-name American star involved before the film is completed.

The crew have spent two days at the airport filming the movie, which is about a group of passengers who get onto a flight despite warnings that a storm is coming.

One by one, they are picked off on the plane, in a sort of Murder on the Orient Express at 20,000 feet.

Gemma is no stranger to South Yorkshire - she is dating Liam Richards, from Waterthorpe, Sheffield, who is one half of the martial arts entertainment act Strike.

But she admitted she was looking forward to getting up in the morning again, rather than the afternoon.

She said: “This has been three weeks working from 5.30pm until 5.30am, and it is the longest I’ve ever done that.

“I’m probably starting to look a bit grey round the eyes by now.

“It is weird finishing work at that time. I’m getting home to Manchester at 6.30am, and my family and friends are just getting up for work. I’m looking forward to being able to see my friends again.”

Gemma plays an air hostess called Harriet in the film and says she has enjoyed the role.

“There is a lot you find out about Harriet,” she said. “All is not what it seems with her. She has been great fun to play.

“I’ve done horror and comedy, but this is the first time I’ve done a thriller like this. There are a lot of action scenes and fight scenes, and it’s quite scary in parts.”

Gemma said Armthorpe resident Danny Ball, her boyfriend’s partner in Strike, had promised to show her around Doncaster, but that had not yet happened.

She says she knows Sheffield well from spending time there with Liam. “I usually stay at the St Pauls Hotel. It is nice round there,” she said.

She said she had been a bit starstruck to find herself working with Julian Glover, who has now finished his filming. “I was a big fan of James Bond and Indiana Jones, and he was in both,” she said. “He told us some great stories about working with Steven Spielberg.”

Producer and Trish Rybarczyk, of the film company Press On Features, said she decided to shoot part of the film at Robin Hood Airport after hearing bosses there had been very helpful to the producers of the David Walliams and Matt Lucas comedy Come Fly With Me last year.

She said: “We’ve filmed before at London City Airport, and it was really difficult.

“We did some research, and found that Doncaster was used for Come Fly With Me, and the producers had raved about how helpful they were. We contacted them less than a week before filming, met them, and decided to come here to film.

“As a film-maker, it is incredible to find someone so co-operative.”