St Luke’s boss Una Moran on perfect presents, bling and bird books

Una Moran, head of fundraising and communications at St Luke's Hospice
Una Moran, head of fundraising and communications at St Luke's Hospice
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What gets you reaching for your purse? We want to know! Una Moran, the Director of Fundraising and Communications at St Luke’s Hospice, reveals her shopping habits.

Una Moran is the powerhouse who oversees the campaigns that raise the £4.5 million needed every year just to keep St Luke’s Hospice open and heads the £5 million Room To Care appeal for a new In-Patient Unit. But she’s a hesitant shopper. “I love buying for my house because I know what I like,” says Una. “But I hate clothes-shopping. Things never fit. I try 12 things at a time and come away with nothing. I’ve been looking for a nice suit for work for a year and still haven’t found the right one!”

Una’s four best buys:

1. Vans Trainers, Schuh, £45.

I decided to get my niece some trainers for her 13th birthday but at 48 I had no idea what’s trendy for young girls. I went tow Schuh because I know they do fashionable shoes and a lovely assistant helped me get the right thing. I was delighted when I got a very happy and excited phone call from my niece to say thank you.

2. Gola Bag, £7.99, Schuh

While i was in Schuh I saw some retro-style Gola bags in the sale and couldn’t help getting my niece one too. They took me right back to my own school days when those rectangular plastic sports bags were all the rage. It’s amazing that they’ve come back into fashion again, but then everything from the 1970s seems to be popular at the moment.

3. Swarovski earrings, £12, Groupon

I like a bargain – who doesn’t? Groupon is a great place for finding a good deal. When these earrings arrived they were more extravagant than I had expected - they’re definitely for special occasions. That’s fine, though - I have the St Luke’s Ball at Baldwin’s Omega in September to attend. They will fit the bill - so long as I can find a dress to match!”

4. RSPB Handbook of British Birds, £9.99, Waterstones,

I went sailing around Skye and the Outer Hebrides recently. One day we climbed some cliffs and as we sat at the top we saw a sea eagle. It was absolutely fabulous, a truly magnificent bird. I’m not an ornithologist by any means but I wanted to learn more about it, so I got this book.