Something to relish ... missing half of sign for sale for 50p

THE mystery of what happened to half of Sheffield's famous Henderson's Relish sign deepened today - after it was offered for sale on the internet.

Part of the sign was taken last weekend and managers at the famous relish factory in Leavygreave Road are offering a reward of several bottles of the black stuff for its safe return.

But chances of them ever seeing it again appear to be slim after an advert, complete with picture of the missing half, were placed on the Sheffield Forum website today.

The advert, placed by someone logging in as Salmon Bones, was spotted by Star reader Eamonn Larkin who called to tell us about it.

"You should check it out," he said. "There's even a picture of it."

The ad reads: "For Sale Half of an icon, that is - a Sheffield icon.

"I love Henderson's relish, so I take great pleasure in putting up for sale half of the original 'Henderson's Relish' sign!

"Someone of an arty nature could make it into a coffee table, or a backstop for a dartboard etc.

"The possibilities are endless! Come on, its got to be worth at least 50p of someone's money!"

Meanwhile Andrew Walker, a security guard at the Opal Two students housing complex in St George's Close, today relived the moment when he confronted the daring thieves who stole the sign.

Said Andrew: "Two lads and a lass came waltzing up the road with the sign.

"I asked what the were doing with it and they replied it was a souvenir.

"They then ran off up the road where I thought they dumped the sign."

- If you know the whereabouts of the sign please call Nick Ward on Sheffield 2767676 or add a comment below.


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