Should pigeon plan have been stopped on animal rights grounds?

A TENANT'S plea for spikes to deter pigeons from his council property has been refused by housing officials - on animal rights grounds.

Stephen Collins, who lives with his partner and two young children on Barrie Road, Southey, Sheffield, said he is fed up of the amount of droppings left by the birds, which nest under the eaves of the property.

Wire meshing was put up by landlord Sheffield Homes to try to block the birds' access - but they have started nesting in front of it.

Mr Collins said: "It's causing even more pigeon faeces to drop onto our doorstep, making it slippery.

"I want spikes to be put up on my house, which one of my neighbours has - but the council has refused. I really cannot put up with it any longer. This problem has been going on now for over seven years and we've just had enough."

A Sheffield Homes spokeswoman said: "We no longer put up spikes because they are considered cruel."

Mr Collins has been advised to pay for spikes himself if he wants them.

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