Sheffield University students have their say on The Star’s role

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Future journalists in Sheffield have had their say on the importance of The Star as part of our drive to encourage you to tell us what you think and join our Reader Panel.

The Star spoke to students at The University of Sheffield’s print journalism post-graduate course to seek their views on the importance of the paper and local journalism.

Sheffield University students were asked for their views on The Star.

Sheffield University students were asked for their views on The Star.

And student Victoria Finan, aged 23, said: “I think you only have to look at what’s been going on in Rotherham to see the really important role The Star has to play in covering Sheffield and the rest of South Yorkshire.

“You have done some fantastic reporting and championed local causes that people are really passionate about. For example, the new crossing that is going to be opened for Jasmyn Chan is something The Star has really got behind, something local people really care about.”

Robert Langley, aged 32, said: “I’m from Sheffield myself so I’ve grown up with The Star.

“If it wasn’t for The Star, a lot of local news would not get reported. It’s important for local people to engage with the community and be able to have stories which matter to them, where they live.

Beth Cunningham said: “The reason I wanted to get into journalism is because it’s important to be able to bring stories that connect to local people, and keep them informed of what is happening in their community.

“If The Star did not exist you would lose a really important part of the city, and lose a focus on stories that are important to the people of Sheffield and South Yorkshire.”

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