Sheffield police officers dress as Muslims

POLICE in Sheffield swapped places with Muslim women – by dressing head to toe in full religious dress and walking round the city centre.

As part of an exercise called 'In Your Shoes Day', two South Yorkshire police officers and a police community support officer took to the streets wearing jilbabs and niqabs – Islamic outfits which leave just the face exposed.

They were accompanied by four Muslim women, to learn about the faith and understand their issues.

In return, the Muslim women had a tour of the custody suite, the CCTV office and were shown the day-to-day duties of a South Yorkshire police officer.

The three officers who took part in the experience were all born in Sheffield, while only two of the Muslim women were born in Sheffield.

The other two had come to the UK and settled in the city.

Sgt Deb Leonard, who participated in 'In Your Shoes Day', said: "I have gained an appreciation and understanding of what Muslim females experience when they walk out in public in clothing appropriate to their beliefs."

South Yorkshire Police said the event was the first in a series of activities planned to "celebrate diversity and encourage integration of different communities."

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