Sheffield parking permit hike due

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INCREASED parking permit charges in Sheffield are set to begin next month.

A first permit for residents is set to increase to £36 in 2013/14, from £10 in 2011/12.

A second permit will rise to £72, from the previous charge of £30, while charges for businesses are set to rise 360 per cent – from £20 to £72.

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, Liberal Democrat opposition leader, said: “It disappointing to see that, having campaigned against parking permit profits, Labour politicians are looking to fleece motorists yet again.

“Not only will this hit residents across my ward in Broomhill, but small businesses in the area as well. It’s unfair to motorists.”

Labour says the increased charges are needed because of £50 million of cuts which the authority must make over the next year due to Government austerity measures.