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Tales from the North Pole - Santa's Blog web tile
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HO HO ho little ones! Are you getting excited about Christmas yet? We certainly are!

Though we did wake up to a bit of a problem in the North Pole this morning.

Obviously it snows here every day, which looks beautiful, but it does make it very cold.

That’s never usually a problem because our heating system keeps us warm, but this morning we woke up to find icicles hanging from the bottoms of our beds – the heating had broken.

I pulled on my dressing gown and went to find Davis, my head elf, to find out what the problem was. Poor Davis’ lips had turned blue and his teeth were chattering from the cold.

He asked me: “What are we going to do? It’s so cold, we can’t possibly work in this temperature and it won’t be fixed until this afternoon.”

But I had a great idea. “Go and tell all the elves to dress up warm and we’ll meet in the reindeers’ stable in 30 minutes,” I told him.

By the time the freezing elves arrived in the stable half an hour later, Mrs Claus and I had got a big fire going and had spread cushions and blankets out everywhere.

“We’re going to take the morning off for a duvet party,” I said. “We’ll sing songs, tell stories and watch our favourite Christmas films in front of the nice warm fire until the heating is fixed.”

Mrs Claus passed around cups of hot chocolate and then pulled out an enormous bag.

“You can’t have a duvet party without some marshmallows to toast,” she told the elves, as they each grabbed a stick and stuck the marshmallows on the end.

What a lovely day we ended up having!

Have you ever had a duvet party? Why not try one?

Bring all your blankets and pillows downstairs, wrap up in some festive pyjamas, put a Christmas film on and buy some delicious snacks to eat.

Love, Santa x