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Hello. My name is Davis and I’m Santa’s head elf.

I’ve been head elf at Santa’s Workshop for 622 years, so you could say I’m still quite new to the job.

The head elf before me was my dad, Reggie, who held the job for 3,276 years.

I’m so proud of the work we do here and I love working with Santa.

December is my favourite time of the year at Santa’s workshop.

We’ve all been working so hard for the past couple of months, trying to get everything ready for our 5pm deadline on Christmas Eve.

Every single year I think ‘I don’t know how we’re possibly going to finish all these presents in time’ but we always, always do.

Presents have changed a lot in the last hundred years or so – back in 1912, the most popular toy we made was a wooden doll.

In my opinion, toys just get better and better each year and THIS year, all the Elves love the new Nerf Gun.

This morning, while we were busy building Nerf Guns, one of our mischevious elves, Frankie, thought it would be funny to fire one of the foam bullets at Santa.

It hit him right on his belly and everybody wanted to laugh, but we waited to see what Santa would say.

He looked around, all surprised, then picked up another Nerf and fired back.

Well, that was it! We all grabbed the nearest Nerfs and started shooting pieces of foam all over Santa’s workshop until we were all laughing so hard Mrs Claus came out to see what was going on.

She told us to pick up the pieces of foam before someone slipped on them.

We all stood quietly for a moment, watching to see what Santa would say, but he just gave one of his famous winks and laughed as he put the Nerf Gun back down.

Hope you’re all having fun getting ready for Christmas.

Head Elf Davis