REVIEW: Sean Lock, Sheffield City Hall

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The familiar face from TV comedy panel shows bounced on stage in a purple suit, full of energy and geniality.

He had the audience charmed early on anyway by telling a joke about Margaret Thatcher’s funeral and the possibility they could have run out of coal for the cremation.

Apparently that one didn’t go down so well in Guildford in Surrey.

In Sheffield they cheered.

Sean is a comedian on top of his game, skilfully building the laughs in routines that range from the everyday and whimsical to China’s world trade domination and a pretty gruesome punishment for paedophiles.

He keeps coming back to previous topics of conversation to link them up in a very clever way.

By midway through the second half, my jaw and the back of my head were aching from laughing so much.

The surreal finale in the encore, picking up on one of the setpieces of the evening, will long live in the memory.

The audience is sworn to secrecy so that it doesn’t spoil the surprise, so I won’t, but if you’re seeing Sean when he returns to the City Hall on October 31, don’t go early for your bus!