REVIEW: It’s raining ladyboys in Sheffield

The Lady Boys of Bangkok prepare for their shows in Sheffield
The Lady Boys of Bangkok prepare for their shows in Sheffield
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It’s not every Monday night you get to watch a Sheffield bloke writhing in embarrassment as a ladyboy writhes on his lap.

Then it is not every week that Thailand’s second most notorious form of entertainment - the first involving balls of a different kind - rolls in to Devonshire Green.

We were a little apprehensive when we walked in to the Sabai pavilion, a big tent erected on the park.

I’ve seen the girls several times in Thailand and it just didn’t feel the same without 35 degree heat and an ice cold Singha beer in hand. It’s not the kind of performance where you can walk out unridiculed either.

But feather by sequin, lapdance by filthy joke, we were gradually seduced into the show.

The girls can’t - or don’t - sing, choosing to mime really rather badly instead.

But boy they can entertain.

The lavish costumes, all 200 of them, are changed lightning quick behind the scenes, the cast members are unbelievably beauiful and the lighting excellent.

They danced their way through hits old and new, from a hip-thrusting Amy Winehouse to a sad Celine Dion, Irene Cara and Nicki Minaj.

The classic I Will Survive was adapted with lyrics such as “Weren’t you the one to knock me up and shoot my mom?” and a poignant My Way showed a ladyboy transforming back into a man.

The star of the show was obvious, a seasoned performer who pulled in men from the audience before pulling off their tops.

She got the biggest laughs and bore an absolutely uncanny resemblance to Tina Turner in one of the final songs, another being It’s Raining Men.

By the end the girls were gyrating on the bar, singing about wet pets and rolling in intricate stage sets like pink Barbie cars and baths.

And in the audience we were all - from grannies to students, men and women - waving our hands in the air, singing lustily, having a blast.

A high class performance it was not, but I can think of no better way to start the week than with a beaming smile.

I hummed the words to YMCA until bedtime.

Ladyboys of Bangkok is on Devonshire Green until December 6 and tickets cost from £12.