Reunited Mavericks are ready to dance night away again

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The Mavericks, City Hall

The band who ‘just want to dance the night away’ are back tomorrow in the city that inspired two band members to write a song.

Band member Jerry Dale McFadden said of the city: “I know it’s historically a steel town and when we’ve played there before, we were met with a warm welcome.

“I hear there has been some redevelopment in the city, so I look forward to seeing Sheffield again!

“It is the town where Robert Reynolds and I wrote our song Louise, which was recorded for our side-project band, SWAG, made up of members of The Mavericks, Wilco and Cheap Trick. The song was featured on our one and only 2002 album release, Catch-all.”

The Mavericks are touring to promote their latest album, In Time, which marks their reunion last year after eight years of pursuing other projects.

Jerry said: “Time has been a big influence on this record. We feel like the time apart and time spent on growing, learning, doing other things away from The Mavericks, put us all in a healthy headspace to make this record. We approached it with excitement and care for that which is Mavericks music.

“In the end, I think it exudes joy and a ton of fun throughout the record.”

“We were all in agreement that we didn’t want to just do a ‘reunion tour’. If we were going to regroup, then we felt we still had it in us to make some new music, which has inspired us beyond our own expectations.”

Expect some hits too, says Jerry: “We pull out a little something from most all of the old Mavericks catalog. There are some new takes on some old songs, though. We like to keep it fresh and relevant.”