Rescued Esther on the lookout for a new home

RSPCA ''Esther and Vykki Whelan
RSPCA ''Esther and Vykki Whelan
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DOG-LOVERS are being urged to come forward and offer a temporary home to a rescued animal.

Staff at the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Care centre are looking for a new home for Esther.

However, they are looking for a foster home, rather than someone to adopt her at this stage.

The eight-year-old brindle boxer came into the centre as part of a cruelty case involving other dogs, who are well on their way to finding a home.

However, Esther needs to put on weight and to do so, she needs to feel happy and comfortable in a home environment, rather than a kennel.

Tony Benham, manager of the centre in Attercliffe Way, Attercliffe, said: “Esther was very thin upon arrival at our centre more than five months ago and it is vital that we find her a foster home to help her put on weight.

“This sweet, older lady was suffering from a number of minor infections including an eye condition, which we believe have been fully resolved.

“Esther is good in most situations. She enjoys steady walks and isn’t too boisterous due to her mature age.

“We believe that about two lots of 30-minute walks a day, would be best for her, with an added gentle potter around the garden.

“She enjoys her squeaky toys and likes to relax.

“With people, she is loving and affectionate and she would fit into most environments.

“Being with children over the age of 10 would be fine, as they would be more understanding of her need for a quieter life.

“Esther is good with other dogs, but she is best not to live with them. She would, however, be fine to walk around them and be in the company of supervised, visiting dogs.

“She isn’t a big eater, but we suspect this is because she needs to be in a home environment to really feel comfortable and start to put on that much-needed weight.”

RSPCA Sheffield is open everyday except Wednesdays from 12.30pm until 3.30pm.

The Centre is always looking for foster homes, as well as adopters.

n For details, call 0114 2898050.