Pupils’ drama project tells story of the city

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A group of Sheffield pupils took on an ambitious drama challenge - telling the story of the city in music and dance.

The seven strong team from Silverdale School at Bents Green thrilled an invited audience with the show based around work done for their GCSE performing arts course.

The production, which took four months to put together, featured a powerful and moving journey through Sheffield’s steel works, both World Wars, the Hillsborough Disaster and modern times using music, dance, drama and technical effects to portray the emotion of the story.

Hannah Blair, Evie Davies, Megan Dexter, Marcello Giove, Gemma Henderson and Hannah Saxby were on stage, complemented by sound and lighting produced by Samuel Hill.

Megan and Marcello performed a contemporary dance, set to James Arthur’s Recovery, sung by Evie Davies, which portrayed the emotional struggle families faced during World War 2.

Hannah Blair delivered a monologue as the mother of a World War 1 soldier.

She said: “I wrote the monologue to try and emotionally connect with the audience and also to familiarise them with the heartache caused by war.”

Hannah Saxby showcased a dance to Let It Go sung by Hannah Blair, to convey the pain and loss during World War 1.

Another section of the show was based on the Hillsborough Disaster, in which Gemma was the main character.

She said: “To develop my character I researched the disaster and drew facts from the event to add to my piece.”

Megan added: “The production took a lot of work and we spent a lot of time perfecting it but we were extremely proud of the overall outcome.”