Police bid to protect your valuables

POLICE chiefs in South Yorkshire are urging people to log valuable or precious belongings on a national database to make it easier to find them if they are stolen.

In a countywide crackdown on theft and burglary, South Yorkshire Police is urging residents to use the immobilise.com database.

It is linked directly to police systems meaning officers who recover property can check whether it is logged and return it to the rightful owner.

Any item can be registered although electrical items are the easiest because of their unique serial numbers. Jewellery and ornaments can be logged with photographs and descriptions.

Chief Superintendent Bill Hotchkiss said: "Part of policing involves stopping crime happening in the first place. The public can play a huge part in this by protecting their property.

"Anything logged on Immobilise is too hot to handle.

"By registering your property, and marking it as such, you are much less likely to become a victim of crime."

Stickers identifying that items have been logged on the database are available from police stations or South Yorkshire branches of Curries, Dixons and PC World. Visit www.immobilise.com for more information.

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