Play about miners’ strike set to be performed in Barnsley

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The conflict between miners and strike breakers in 1984 is to be explored in a piece of theatre in Barnsley.

Actor and writer Ray Castleton has been commissioned by Barnsley Arts, Museums and Archives to write three plays.

The first one, Blue Pawn, was a one-man theatre piece exploring the events at Orgreave through the eyes of a South Yorkshire police officer.

The second piece, Scab!, tells the stories of two sets of men.

The first are two friends, a striker and a colleague who returned to work during the strike, looking back at the events of 30 years ago.

The second are a father and son, with the father a staunch Trade Unionist whose son’s decision to break the strike changes their relationship forever.

Ray said: “I wanted to take the huge issues within the miners’ strike and look at them through the eyes of the ordinary people involved.”

The play will be performed at Experience Barnsley on Saturday, November 15, from 2pm to 3pm.

Call 01226 772500.