Pile of gravel and debris is snow joke, says frustrated resident

LACK of action to clear gravel and debris left behind from melted snow piled at the side of the road has become a source of frustration for Sheffield resident Graham Gillott.

The 56-year-old plumber said he has complained to Sheffield Council about the problem, outside his home on Southey Crescent, three times - and nobody has come to remove it.

Mr Gillott said: "It was several weeks ago now when the council came round scraping ice and snow off the road and piling it up at the side.

"But after it melted we were left with a load of stones, rubble and debris on the pavement. People are having to walk into the road to get around it."

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, Sheffield Council's cabinet member for communities, said: "I apologise Mr Gillott has had to ring more than once about the gravel pile left on his street. We are doing all we can to deal with the clean-up operation following the heavy snow fall and subsequent ice.

"We have every worker available out there getting the city back to normal.

"I can assure Mr Gillott the pile of gravel, which is a by-product of the ice being scraped from the road, will be removed."

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