Osmond fever hits Sheffield - SLIDESHOW

DONNY fever was in full force last night - and it had nothing to do with Doncaster Rovers trip to Wembley.

The commotion was all about the appearance of Donny Osmond, at a packed Sheffield Arena.

The baby faced 50-year-old has been a regular visitor to these parts in recent years - but last night was a bit special.

This time he brought the family - Alan, aged 58, Wayne, 56, Merrill, 55, Jay, 53, Marie, 48, and Jimmy, 45 - as part of the Osmonds 50th anniversary world tour.

The occasion was more a party than a performance.

Long before they came on stage the chant went up: "Bring on the Osmonds."

Giant balloons bounced around as the baying crowd was showered with party streamers and tickertape.

And like all good parties the cheese was in plentiful supply - and how the thousands of guests loved it.

For more than two hours the family had them up dancing and singing along to songs from their massive back catalogue.

A wholesome and cheesy bunch they may be - but no one should deride them for that.

Last night they proved that despite advancing years they can still hold an audience captivated.

Living proof that you don't have to be bad to stay popular - Amy Winehouse should take note

And that Donny still has the girls - most of them old enough to know better - screaming with a simple smile.

The one thing that was in short at last night's party - blokes.

It seems that not even Crazy Horses never mind wild ones could drag them there in any numbers.

Still one fella called Rob did get a treat.

First he was dragged to the show by his missus then he was dragged on stage by the delightful Marie.

She challenged him to a drinking contest - water of course - and beat him hands down.

What a gal - what a party.


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