Opening of new gay club on West Street is a ‘milestone’ for Sheffield

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A new gay club will open on West Street in Sheffield in time for Halloween, marking what the owner considers is a ‘milestone’ for the city.

A Sheffield Council sub-licensing committee approved OMG’s application to open at the old Locker Room premises until 3.30am on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and 4.30am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Owner Mathew Causon said: “It’s a massive city but it has very little for the gay community. We don’t have to be segregated any more. We’re accepted now in the mainstream community, so having a gay venue in the mainstream of Sheffield is what everyone else has been doing for years.

“We’re now drinking next door to the straights.”

Green Coun Rob Murphy objected to the application, citing noise as a problem for neighbouring residents who would have a ‘very short window of peace to sleep’.

Local resident Sona Mehra gave an impassioned plea against the ‘creep’ of late operating hours, asking: “What’s the end to it? It’s affecting my life, my work, my kids’ lives.”

The club is the fourth location under the OMG brand, which has opened venues in Bristol, Swansesa and Plymouth.