One-off painting celebrates Sheffield’s musical heritage

Barry Everard with the one-off painting of Record Collector,
Barry Everard with the one-off painting of Record Collector,
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A talented young artist has produced a one-of-a-kind painting that celebrates the city’s musical heritage.

Alan Pennington, from Walkley, was commissioned by Barry Everard, owner Record Collector in Broomhill, to create a piece of bespoke artwork for the music shop that would feature his favourite Sheffield musicians.

The cartoon-style painting features the Record Collector building with 14 album covers in the windows, all picked individually by Barry.

He chose to include both famous and lesser-known bands from the city.

As such, the bright red and white artwork features albums from the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Human League, Reverend and The Makers, Jarvis Cocker, Little Man Tate, Def Leppard and Richard Hawley.

Alan, aged 29, said: “Barry had seen some of my artwork of iconic Sheffield buildings and wanted a unique piece of his own for the shop.

“The Record Collector is a painting I have produced before, originally featuring the album covers of my favourite bands, but now I produce customised versions of it for other people.

“Having grown up buying music from Record Collector myself, it was a huge privilege for Barry to ask me to do one on his favourite Sheffield bands.

“It will be hung in the shop for fellow music fans to see.”

Barry said: “When I found out that the 14 album covers in the painting could be customised I was hooked – I had to have one!

“Alan’s painting of the shop is very special to me. He even surprised me with a mug featuring the painting too.”