Newlywed's tragic suicide

A NEWLYWED Sheffield woman tragically committed suicide after years suffering from anxiety and chronic fatigue, an inquest heard.

Rachel Ann Naclerio, aged 30, had suffered from ill health since her late teens.

But after getting married in Italy last August she had seemed to be coping well, the court heard, and she was planning a family with new husband Angelo.

But in May her mum, Valerie Coulthard, discovered Rachel's body hanging in the young couple's Woodseats home.

Mrs Coulthard told the Sheffield inquest Rachel was often upset and frustrated by her illnesses – which included ME, chronic fatigue syndrome and anxiety – and had to have regular physiotherapy sessions to reduce the pain from a misaligned spine.

Rachel often complained of "an anxious exam feeling", Mrs Coulthard explained, particularly after losing her job, but said organising her wedding last year had given her a sense of purpose, and she had seemed much better in recent months.

Rachel's husband Angelo told the court that although some days Rachel could not get out of bed, in the time before her death she had "not seemed particularly depressed at all".

"She was looking forward to the future, to a normal happy life," he said.

"Rachel and I wanted a baby – but she had to be well enough first."

Tragically, Rachel had made appointments in London and Liverpool to receive treatment for her anxiety but never got to see the specialists.

On the night before her death she told her mum on the phone she was "fed up".

The court heard that the next day, on May 12, while Angelo was at work, Mrs Coulthard visited the house on Haughton Road and found her daughter's hanged body, with a note telling her to call the police.

Paramedics pronounced Rachel dead at the scene.

Deputy coroner Judith Naylor recorded a verdict that Rachel took her own life.

"Rachel was part of a very loving relationship and a very supportive family," she said. "The tragedy for those who are left behind is no-one really understands why she took her life."

The contents of Rachel's suicide note were not disclosed.

Rachel leaves husband Angelo, parents Michael and Valerie of Derriman Glen, Ecclesall, and sister Helen.


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