Museum where they call a spade a SPADE

DIG the size of that.

Call it a spade or maybe a shovel, whatever it is it's a whopper - and you can see it at the newly opened Hawley Gallery at Kelham Museum in Sheffield.

But you wouldn't want to use this monster to turn the allotment or shift the snow off the drive - it's 12ft high and weighs 400lbs and that's without the muck.

Made in Lancashire by Bulldog Tools to mark the firm's 230th anniversary, it's now part of the Hawley Collection of internationally important tools, cutlery and measuring instruments.

The collection also includes some more ordinary-sized spades.

Keith Crawshaw, chairman of the Ken Hawley Collection, said of the new addition: "The sheer scale of the spade is very impressive.

"We are keen for children to bring along their own spades and a camera to have a photograph taken alongside this record breaking shovel."

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