Mum 'upset' after police smash door down looking for former tenant

A WOMAN has hit out at police after they smashed their way into her Sheffield home - looking for a former tenant who hasn't lived there for two years.

Zoe Holmes, aged 26, of Fairfax Drive, Manor, was visiting her parents when police arrived at her home with a search warrant and bashed their way in through her front door.

She said neighbours told the officers where her parents lived - and when officers called to tell her about the raid they admitted they had not realised the previous tenant had moved out.

But Zoe said officers have called at her home on three previous occasions looking for the same man - and each time she has told them he has moved on.

The mum-of-one said South Yorkshire Police should update its intelligence systems.

"It seems to me officers don't share information - if they had been doing they would know the man who used to live here moved out two years ago," she said.

"I am really upset - my door is damaged and until it is repaired I won't feel safe.

"I have a young daughter and I am just glad we were not in when this happened - she would have been terrified.

"I am also glad my neighbours know me, because if strangers had seen the raid who knows what they would have thought of me!"

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "Officers are looking into the circumstances surrounding this incident and will be making further contact with the complainant."

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