MP takes up case of residents with water leaks

A SOUTH Yorkshire MP has asked Yorkshire Water to be more flexible in dealing with a leak affecting the homes of two elderly women and two of their neighbours.

The women, aged 81 and 78, from Monk Spring Road, Worsbrough, contacted Barnsley West and Penistone MP Michael Clapham after the water supply to their homes was affected by a leak.

Yorkshire Water provided an overland pipe from the main on the nearby road to the pipe leading to their homes to maintain the pressure. But the women were not happy with the pipe on their drives and contacted their MP.

A Yorkshire Water spokesman said the company repaired a leak in the main on the road outside the homes and then discovered another leak under a garage belonging to one of the residents.

It was the responsibility of the resident to have the leak repaired because it was on private property. Yorkshire Water had provided the overland pipe as a gesture of goodwill, he added.

Mr Clapham said: "I appreciate Yorkshire Water's situation but I think they could be more flexible and do this work and then recover the cost from these elderly residents in some way.

"It would appear the residents are confused about the situation and I have asked Yorkshire Water to reconsider the matter to see if some agreement can be reached with the residents about repairing this other leak."

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