Medics fly to Maldives to pass on Sheffield skills

A LEADING children's doctor from Sheffield has shared his specialist skills and expertise with medics in the Maldives - part of efforts to improve the country's healthcare system.

Dr David Campbell, who works as a consultant at Sheffield Children's Hospital, spent two weeks in the country after receiving an invitation from the Maldivian government, via the Friends of Maldives scheme.

The exotic holiday location has recently elected its first democratic government and is now looking to the western world to help make significant improvements to its healthcare system and its paediatric care in particular.

Dr Campbell said: "Sheffield Children's Hospital has much to offer in experience in combining acute care to a local population, and also specialist services to the wider region. The Maldivian government wants to draw on that expertise in order to improve the healthcare of its own people.

"During our time there we held two clinics, providing children with second medical opinions and diagnoses, as well as teaching local medics specialist and potentially life-saving procedures such as how to resuscitate babies.

"We also looked at the governance and administration structures that are in place, advising on how the system could run smoother."

He was joined on his visit by a team of three other Sheffield-based medical experts - Andrew Lee, public health specialist at The University of Sheffield, GP Dr Paul Harvey, and Fiona Campbell, who specialises in medical governance.

Dr Campbell said: "While the country's general healthcare system is actually quite good, there are numerous cultural and social issues that need tackling such as high levels of drug abuse, the use of unsterile water, and low levels of breast feeding beyond three months."

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