Manchester United fans on the rampage - PICTURES

YOBBISH Manchester United fans left a trail of damage in their wake after going on the rampage at Barnsley's Oakwell stadium last night.

United fans smashed their way into food stands and ransacked them during the Carling Cup clash at Oakwell.

Eight catering staff were trapped inside a food kiosk and had to barricade themselves in a store room for around 25 minutes as fans broke in and stole cash from the till and food from the shelves.

Stewards on the pitch also had food thrown at them during the violence, which marred United's 2-0 fourth-round win.

One police officer attempting to arrest one of the fans involved suffered a minor eye injury during the disturbance.

A South Yorkshire Police investigation into the trouble is now underway.

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Police and football club staff will monitor CCTV footage from the ground to try to identify all those involved in the rampage.

Championship club Barnsley is also considering launching a claim for compensation from Premiership team Manchester United for the damage caused by their fans.

A police officer in the ground last night said: "We responded by arresting three people for breaking into the kiosk. Some of these fans that broke into the food kiosk also threw food items at some of the Barnsley stewards."

A Barnsley FC spokesman said the fans responsible for the trouble inside the ground had caused "substantial damage".

He added: "The club is going to launch a full investigation as soon as possible after substantial damage was caused in the concourse of the north stand.

"A complaint has been made to the police and we will be taking a look at CCTV footage of the incident before we can comment further."

A heavy on-pitch police presence was visible during the trouble.

Barnsley 0 Manchester United 2 - MATCH REPORT AND SLIDESHOW

Police in riot gear were pelted with bottles as they attempted to restore order in the concourse of the north stand and police dogs were employed to drive fans back from the pitch.

Two Barnsley fans were led away from Oakwell by police officers after invading the pitch during the game.

And at around 11pm another two people were arrested after fans jumped on to a railway line in an attempt to stop a Barnsley to Sheffield train before it had started moving.

Altogether eight arrests were made - four away fans and four Barnsley supporters – who were detained in police custody overnight.


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