Less than satisfactory

ONE good deed certainly doesn't deserve a year of unauthorised payments and a botched refund.

Hilda Clayton gave her car to Nigel Holmes, at Helping Hands dog rescue, Hackenthorpe, in October 2009 and cancelled her insurance.

But MoreThan continued to take monthly premiums, despite all requests to desist, right up until November last year.

Payments only stopped when Mr and Mrs Clayton sold their other car and cancelled its insurance, also with MoreThan.

The company agreed to refund 488.54 and sent the money to Mr and Mrs Clayton's Halifax account on December 23 - or so they thought. It never arrived.

This week, the couple say they were asked by MoreThan to produce a statement to prove they hadn't received the cash.

Hilda, aged 72, of Cromwell Street, Walkley, said: "I'm being treated like a criminal when it is MoreThan who are in the wrong. It's just not on. This was after calling them every month for a year."


A MORETHAN spokeswoman said they had sent a second express payment of 488.54 to Mrs Clayton's account.

An investigation involving MoreThan's bankers, HSBC, and the Halifax was underway, she added.

She said: "Once we have completed our enquiries, we will be in touch with Mr and Mrs Clayton.

"We are sorry for any inconvenience caused."

MoreThan would also consider compensation, she added.