Jilted lover 'lost it' and stabbed victim 44 times

A SHEFFIELD man who "lost it" when his girlfriend broke off their relationship has been jailed for life for her murder following a frenzied knife attack.

Colin Owen Campbell stabbed pretty 23-year-old Weronika Gospodarczyk 44 times and didn't even stop his brutal attack when his blade got stuck in her body - he just got a second knife and resumed his ferocious stabbing.

Campbell, aged 29, of Clinton Walk, Broomhall, killed the Hallam University student, who was originally from Poland, at her house on Seabrook Road, Norfolk Park, when their "tumultuous" relationship came to an end.

Terrified neighbours and housemates heard Weronicka's screams and when police arrived they found her body in a pool of blood. She had been stabbed 30 times in her neck, face and chest and had 14 other knife wounds over her body.

Campbell, who pleaded guilty to murder at Sheffield Crown Court and was ordered to serve a minimum of 15 years behind bars, told detectives he lost control when Weronika tried to read a text message she had received just moments after telling him their relationship was over in September last year.

Read the full story and reaction from Weronika's heartbroken family - only in today's Star.


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