I ain’t afraid of no ghosts ... meet Sheffield’s own Ghostbuster

Ghostbuster Craig Michelli with his converted car
Ghostbuster Craig Michelli with his converted car
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If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call?

Well you could try Sheffield’s own Ghostbuster, Craig Micheli.

The 35-year-old, from Parson Cross, has spent the last year converting a second-hand hearse into the spitting image of the famous Ecto-1 car from the 1984 blockbuster movie.

He said: “I’ve always been a fan of Ghostbusters right back to when I was a kid. I can remember taking kitchen roll tubes and Sellotape to make the proton packs and everything else to go with it.

“I’ve seen the films more times than I can remember. Then I joined an online fansite and I’ve just gone on from there really.

“Then one day my other half said to me that I might as well go on and get the car as well.”

His Ecto-1 was 18 months in the planning as Craig drew up a list of vehicles he could customise to look like the famous 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor which starred in the original film.

Then one day while searching the internet he found the answer.

He said: “I saw a hearse on eBay and I went back to look at the vehicles on my list and there was just no contest.

“So I thought ‘that’s it! I’m going to buy a hearse and spray it from black to white.

“There are a few Ectomobiles in the UK currently, but I think mine is the only one that used to be a hearse.”

Craig, who lives with his wife Rachel, aged 34, three children and two stepchildren, picked up the black J-reg Ford Granada hearse for just £900 last July.

He said: “It’s a Ford and a hearse, so it’s not exactly a 1959 Cadillac but it’s a good representation.”

The resprayed vehicle has had two independent PA systems fitted, a roof rack attached, electronics professionally installed and custom labels printed to complete the transformation.

Ecto-1 also comes complete with proton packs and traps just like the ones used by Dan Akyroyd and Bill Murray in the supernatural comedy.

Craig has attracted plenty of attention on Twitter with more than 1,200 followers tracking his adventures with the Ecto-1.

He now plans to hire it out for birthday parties, weddings and other events.

He said: “I come dressed in the full Ghostbusters flight suit with a proton pack, traps and the ecto goggles.

“We’ve had a lot of enquiries about it and I’ve done a couple of parties so far.

“Currently, we’re not allowed to drive anyone around in it, but that doesn’t stop people from sitting inside it and having their photo taken.”