Hundreds bid for estate jobs

Wentworth Woodhouse near Rotherham which is to undergo massive renovations in the near future
Wentworth Woodhouse near Rotherham which is to undergo massive renovations in the near future
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HUNDREDS of job hunters have sent their CVs to Wentworth Woodhouse after The Star revealed £200 million plans to transform the stately home into a museum, hotel and conference venue.

The estate’s owners say they are receiving dozens of work requests every single day - despite the proposals being unlikely to come to fruition before 2015.

It is hoped 1,500 jobs will eventually be created by the massive development and detailed restoration of the 18th century Grade I listed property.

Giles Newbold, whose family bought the building in 1999 and are behind the proposals, said: “The support of the local population to the plans has been absolutely incredible.

“We knew this house meant a lot to people but we could never have imagined just how much mail and positive reaction we were going to get when we revealed the plans.

“The main thing people are writing about is jobs - we’re being inundated.

“I would stress we’re still a long way off that point yet but every CV is being placed in a pile - it really is a pile - and it will be kept on record. We can’t respond to individuals but we do appreciate the support.”

The proposals to transform the home - on the Rotherham-Barnsley border - were exclusively revealed in The Star last month.

The Newbold family - headed by Giles’s architect father Clifford, 85 - believe the redeveloped home would attract 150,000 visitors a year to the property.

The central house would be completely restored in all its original detail and opened up to the public, while the east wing would be transformed into a hotel and spa.

The massive stable block would be converted into office space, exhibition rooms and a conference venue, and prefab buildings thrown up in the 1980s would be torn down.

But the proposals depend on a successful damages claim being made against the Coal Authority.

A preliminary court hearing takes place in August.