How the 'cheese grater' car park will make you smile

IT'S already been compared to a giant cheese grater...

But the people behind the unique new car park on Arundel Gate in Sheffield city centre are confident it will eventually win over the doubters.

The 16m car park has been designed by London-based architects Allies and Morrison, who are steering the St Paul's Place masterplan.

Andy Topley, director of regeneration at city centre development agency Creative Sheffield, said: "Multi-storey car parks aren't easy buildings to design.

"In the past, they have tended to look pretty lumpy and clumsy. Architects are always looking for new ways to make them different."

He added: "We have not seen it yet when all the lights are on, inside and all around. It will look quite different then."

Allies and Morrison are working with developers CTP St James and the council on the car park, which will have 550 spaces.

"We were conscious from the outset the building needed to be of a quality comparable to the rest of the development," said associate director James Parkin, who comes from Sheffield.

"The concept for the faade was to develop a simple panel that when orientated in a mixture four configurations created a varying texture of shadow and light depending on how light fell on each panel.

"We worked closely with the council to select a colour for the inside of the panels and settled on green to reflect the foliage of the trees to St Paul's Place.

"This colour is subtly revealed in daylight and is more evident at night."

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