Hidden danger of open water warning

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STiCK to swimming pools and avoid open water is the summer safety message to young people from Doncaster councillors and police.

They are reminding residents about the dangers of swimming in lakes, rivers, ponds and canals as the summer holidays approach, no matter how inviting it looks.

Often lakes and rivers can be full of hidden dangers such as rocks, sharp stones, fly-tipped waste and glass.

Jumping from bridges can also be extremely dangerous, especially if you cannot see how deep the water is or what is in it.

In addition, there is a potential risk from biological or toxic hazards, which may cause diseases.

Strong currents are also a problem and often occur underneath the surface of the water.

Coun Cynthia Ransome, cabinet member for communities, said: “All open water presents a threat and there can be any number of hidden hazards just beneath the surface.

“We have several excellent swimming pools across the borough that will be open all summer for young people.”

With a free Championship Sports Pass young people can use Doncaster’s nine pools for £1.50 apart from The Dome which is £4.