Four things I bought: party boss Claire else splashes out on a birthday treat

Party boss Claire Else reveals her four best buys
Party boss Claire Else reveals her four best buys
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What has you reaching for your purse? We want to know! Parties are Claire Else’s livelihood, but when her own birthday arrived, she celebrated with a modest shopping spree,

She’s a partygirl by profession, but she doesn’t kick up her heels when it comes to spending.

“As I’m self-employed, money is a bit tight,” says Claire Else, owner of online party supplies shop “I shop when I really need something, but it’s lovely to treat myself if I’ve been given cash for a birthday or for Christmas. “I do love a bargain, and a rummage in secondhand shops, as I used to own one near my home in Killamarsh,” adds Claire, 44. “It’s hard to kick the habit.”

1. Horse 3 Tier Cake Stand £5.99 RTP from Partytogo

This three-tier cake stand is made from laminated card and comes as a flat-pack, but it is sturdy and very easy to assemble. I bought a pack of six for a customer’s party. I’ve ended up with a couple spare so now I’m looking for a cupcake queen with a passion for ponies to pass them on to. I’ve even got the matching, horse-themed cup cake cases to go with them!

2. Bio Oil, £6.99, on Offer at Boots

I had an embarassing accident last January. While suffering from a stomach bug I passed out in the bathroom. I woke up 20 minutes later to find my bottom had been against a very hot radiator and I’d got third-degree burns, which left me with a big scar on my bum. I’ve heard Bio Oil is wonderful for improving the appearance of scars, so I’ve bought some to see if it will help.

3. Scarf, £12.99, Dorothy Perkins

This is a total luxury spend for me - it was one of my birthday treats to myself. As I do a lot of networking in and around Sheffield for Partytogo, I wanted something to break up my bland work outfits - an accessory that would add a bit of glam. This scarf does just that. I bought some shoes to match it too and have given so the outfit works well.

4. The Euphoric Clubland album, £11.99, HMV

I don’t buy a lot of music and I there isn’t a specific style of music that I follow, but I do like music from the club scene. So, again with my birthday money, I bought this album from HMV and its brilliant. It’s great to do my gym routine to. There are three CDs covering 10 years of club classics, including some great songs from Faithless, Chicane, Sash and Tiesto.