Floor walkers will help the search for books at library

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various sections of Doncaster’s main library will be closed to the public for up to a week at a time during renovation work next month.

Refurbishment work is due to start at Doncaster’s Central Library next week, creating a fresh new look which will make it easier for visitors to interact with staff.

Counters in the lending and reference areas will be replaced by ‘island’ staff enquiry points within the main floor area.

Once the new system is in place library staff will also spend time ‘floor walking’ to offer assistance to library users.

Deputy Mayor Cynthia Ransome said: “This new design will create a more relaxed, welcoming environment, and will enable staff to assist people where they are, rather than having to direct them over to the counter.

“I am confident that our library users will be delighted with the new look.”

The work will include redecoration, new carpets in some areas, the introduction of additional seating areas, and the refurbishment of the public toilets.

The first area to be affected will be the Reference and Local History Library and floor 2 which will be closed from Monday, November 5 to November 10.

The main Lending Library and floor 1 will be closed the following week, from November 12 to 17.

The Children’s Library on the opposite side of Kingsgate will be closed from November 26 to 30.

A selection of children’s and adults’ books will be available for borrowing in an alternative area during the closures.

Local history staff will continue to be available to record enquiries.

The main library was built in the 1960s as part of the Waterdale shopping centre.