Fencing bid to keep foul play off soccer pitches

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Junior soccer club officials have been forced to take drastic action to stop foul play by dog owners.

Tickhill Juniors FC has taken steps to keep dog walkers off their pitches in the field off Worksop Road that is bounded by Crooked Lane Head, Green Lane and Friary Lane.

The club established pitches there several years ago on former farming land which belongs to the Brookfield family of Stoney Brigg Farm, but has had continuing problems with dog owners letting their animals foul the grass fields.

It resulted in youngsters getting excrement on their boots and clothing.

The club made several appeals, without success, for owners to act responsibly.

So to solve the problem the club has now had a post and wire mesh fence built around the entire area and several padlocked steel gates fitted.

Warning signs have also been placed around the area saying that the land is private and access is prohibited.

The notices appeal to the public to keep to the Green Lane path that runs alongside the field and warns those trespassing or allowing their dogs to foul the land will be prosecuted.