ELECTIONS '08: Bassetlaw results

FULL list of election results for Bassetlaw.

Key to Parties:

Labour (L)

Liberal Democrats (LibD)

Conservative (C)

Green Party (GP)

British National Party (BNP)

Independent (In)

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

Socialist Alternative Party (SAP)

The Left Party (TLP)

Barnsley Independent Group (BIG)

No Party (NP)

Doncaster only:

Community Group (CG)

English Democrats (ED)

Labour and (LCP)

Left List (LL)


Kenneth Bullivant (C) 518

Joan Sanger (L) 218

Conservative hold

Turnout 35.17 per cent


Val Bowles (C) 980

Maurice Stocks (L) 650

Conservative hold

Turnout 51.85 per cent


Kath Sutton (C) 1,148

David Otter (BNP) 243

Philip Goodliffe (L) 107

Conservative hold

Turnout 36.88 per cent

East Retford East

Mike Quigley (C) 1,148

Michael Jenkins (In) 422

Robert Clyndes (L) 420

Conservative hold

East Retford North

Anthony Tromans (C) 965

Pamela Skelding (L) 703

Conservative hold

East Retford South

Bryn Jones (C) 526

Philip Skelding (L) 459

Conservative gain

Turnout 30.03 per cent

East Retford West

Perry Offer (C) 570

Rod Pickford (L) 324

Conservative hold

Turnout 25.75 per cent


David Challinor (L) 1,009

Tracey Taylor (C) 568

Labour gain

Turnout 27.07 per cent


Liz Yates (C) elected uncontested

Conservative hold

Tuxford and Trent

Shirley Isard (C) 756

Marilyn McCarthy (L) 300

Conservative gain

Turnout 31.53 per cent

Worksop East

John Scott (L) 663

Geoff Coe (In) 581

Geoff Hurst (In) 357

Labour gain

Worksop North

Vicky Wanless (C) 907

David Potts (L) 843

Conservative gain

Worksop North-East

Bill Graham (C) 926

Shirley Toms (L) 813

Conservative hold

Turnout 34.31 per cent

Worksop North-West

Ivor Jons (In) 961

Robin Carrington-Wilde (L) 604

Independent hold

Turnout 28.7 per cent

Worksop South

Michael Bennett (C) 1,372

Eileen Hart (L) 383

Conservative hold

Turnout 32 per cent

Worksop South-East

John Shephard (L) 858

Philip Smith (C) 321

Labour hold

Turnout 20.76 per cent


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