Effect of Warhol delights Sheffield gallery

2. Andy Warhol, Self-Portrait Strangulation, 1978 � The Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
2. Andy Warhol, Self-Portrait Strangulation, 1978 � The Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
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MUSEUM staff in Sheffield have hailed an exhibition of work by famous artist Andy Warhol.

Late Self Portraits by Warhol has been one of the most successful exhibitions in recent years at Graves Gallery in Sheffield city centre since it opened in April.

In total, 26,141 people visited between April 11 and November 24, an average of 201 per day, compared with 15,498 visitors in the same period during 2011 - a 60 per cent increase.

The figure is 33 per cent higher than an exhibition by the Blk Art Group, between August 2011 and March last year, which brought 153 visitors to the Surrey Street building each day and The Triumph of Maximilian I, from May to August 2011, which had daily average viewing figures of 106 people.

Kim Streets, Museums Sheffield chief executive, said: “The Warhol exhibition is our most popular since 2009’s Robert Mapplethorpe, which also came to Sheffield through the Artist Rooms programme, through which contemporary art is being exhibited around the UK.

“The Mapplethorpe exhibition just pipped Warhol with 233 visitors per day – although we should bear in mind that show received a huge boost from the publicity around American singer Patti Smith’s book about her friendship with Mapplethorpe which came out at the same time.

“The figures for Warhol are very good considering the gallery is only small and open four days a week for limited hours. A lot of people obviously thought it was worth climbing the stairs to it.”

Museums Sheffield said it was ‘not possible to fairly compare’ visitor figures for the Graves Gallery with the Millennium Galleries due to factors including location – with Graves on the top floor of the Central Library building, while the Millennium is next to the Winter Garden.

Kim said: “Warhol’s 201 visitors per day, compared to the Millennium Gallery’s summer Paul Morrison exhibition, with 393 visitors per day, is impressive.”

The trust said it has had a string of comments praising the Warhol exhibition. One read: “A superb exhibition of a high-profile nature”,

The Warhol exhibition closes on Saturday.