Dwarf dachshund Chip uses a budgie’s lead!

Chip the sausage dog, possibly the world's smallest dog
Chip the sausage dog, possibly the world's smallest dog
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Meet Chip the dwarf dachshund who is so small his owner walks him on a lead meant for budgies.

The pocket-sized pooch weighs just 900g and is one of the country’s smallest dogs at just 5ins tall to the shoulder.

Emma Robson with Chip

Emma Robson with Chip

He has been outgrown by the two others in his litter – but owner Emma Robson, aged 24, says he has got a big personality.

Dog breeder Emma said: “He’s brilliant and he’s tiny. There were two others in his litter but while they grew he’s just stayed the same size.

“He was so cute I just couldn’t bring myself to sell him so he’s stayed with us.

“He gets on with all the other dogs, he’s very brave and loves his food and playing with a tennis ball.

“His mum is a dachshund and his dad a chihuahua – neither are particularly small.

“He eats plenty of scrambled eggs and pasta so we don’t know why he’s stayed so small.

“He’s a fantastic dog with a big personality.”

Three-month-old Chip lives with dog rescuer Emma and partner Mark Sawyer, 45, a lorry driver, in Tibshelf.

Emma added: “Chip can be reluctant on walks – because of his size everything is a bit daunting to him. Small blades of grass for him must just seem massive.

“We have to take him out on a cockatiel lead called a feather tether which is supposed to be used for budgies.

“I’ve also fashioned him a little T-shirt out of a sleeve to act as a harness for him.

“Luckily he’s not got stuck anywhere or been accidentally trodden on yet, but we have baby gates for the dogs which he manages to squeeze through and we worry he’ll get lodged between the bars.”

Emma says Chip has already become a local favourite because of his size and personality.

She said: “Everyone in the village loves him. Everywhere we go people stop us to take pictures of him and ask why he’s so small – I think people find him a bit of a novelty especially because he’s a sausage dog.

“One man even came up to me once asking how much he was – I had to tell him my dogs aren’t for sale.”

Emma and Mark also look after seven other dogs – Bea, a rescue greyhound, Border Collie Sky, Ruby the Cardigan Corgi and four other sausage dogs called Nelly, JJ, Coco and Dolly.

The dog-lover added: “Dachshunds are great pets – I love them because of their chilled out temperament and they’re so loving.

“I’m a stay-at-home mum to the dogs but I rescue Dachshunds in my spare time and make sure they’re re-homed to loving owners.

“I’m pretty confident that Chip is one of the country’s smallest dogs – if not the world.”