Don’t fret, Kit Holmes Trio are playing at the Greystones

Kit Holmes, who is appearing at Junction.
Kit Holmes, who is appearing at Junction.
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Kit Holmes knows her way around the frets of a guitar.

“I was given a guitar for Christmas when I was 11 and by the end of the two-week holiday I had worked all the way through the tutor book and I’ve been captivated ever since.”

“I can’t imagine life without it,” she says.

But it was a worthwhile present.

Kit Holmes now leads a sought-after roots act, with fiddle, guitar and bass. The Trio’s latest album, Diving into the Blue, lapped up huge critical acclaim and is now the subject of a UK tour.

The Kit Holmes’ Trio’s music features some stunning fiddle work, which creates a rich texture to their sound.

The Kit Holmes Trio play at the Greystones, Greystones Road, Sheffield, Friday, March 28.